Here I want to tell you differen’t places that I like to hang out. These blogs/podcasts, youtube channels have changed my life. I also want to write about my favorite books here and start a book club.

Make sure to come back often as I continually update this. Or, if it is more conventient for you, I’d be happy to send you an updated version of this list once a month in my newsletter!


Book List

  1. Mindset by Carol Dweck
  2. The One Thing
  3. The


  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
    1. Here are some of my favorite episode, but rather I would want you to go through the list and see what interests you.
  2. The Art of Charm
  3. The School of Greatness
  4. The Model Health Show
  5. The Good Life Project

Youtube Channels

  1. Inside Quest
  2. London Real


  1. James Clear
  2. The Four Hour Workweek

Course Platforms

  1. Creative Live
  2. Udemy